About Us

Your Partner for Financial Freedom

Learning financial literacy and providing for the future is vital not only for yourself, but also the loved ones you leave behind. Unfortunately, there are millions of people who reach their later years facing financial anxiety, health challenges, and uncertainty. Visionary entrepreneur Jason Uhrin has devoted his life to empowering others to create financial freedom. This mission was the result of Jason personally seeing the tragic result of this reality. His sister passed away unexpectedly, leaving behind three young children with acute financial uncertainty. After that experience, Jason founded Arkshire Financial in 2016, dedicated to both honoring his sister and educating others to set up proper retirement and protect against financial catastrophe.

Even the company name contains a special meaning. “Ark” is in reference to Noah’s Ark which stood for safety, while “shire” connotes the jurisdictional strength of a nation-state. Arkshire is a community of financial might and security for both its clients and advisors. The Arkshire philosophy is simple: Make complex financial questions easier to understand, with education and personalized service from a trusted advisor.

Arkshire is synonymous with the American dream. The entire Arkshire family believes in the power of the free enterprise system to empower people to build financial security and success. For this reason, the company operates on the leveraged sales business model – based on the principles of free enterprise, where each advisor’s success comes from helping other people achieve their financial dreams.